The Company


Established in 1997, Rock Energy International Corporation began its minerals and bulk logistics services with its own importation of 8,000 metric tons of coal. By the end of year 2007 the annual volume of coal sold by the company reached an average of 140,000 metric tons. Since then the company had gained the trust of the better and leading companies in various industries that uses coal as a source of energy in their manufacturing process.

In year 2009, Rock Energy acquired and developed a fully covered coal storage facility for 8,000 metric tons; this is known as Coal Store 1. This facility provides added confidence to small boiler users (SBU). Customers are assured of relative stable and dry coal especially during the rainy season. In addition, RockEnergy developed a coal discharging port known as Store 2. This coal discharging facility can handle barges up to 5,000 metric tons. The storage area of 7,000 square meters known as Coal Store 2 can handle up to 20,000 metric tons of coal or other dry bulk minerals.