coalCoal is a fossil fuel. It is a combustible, sedimentary, organic rock which is composed mainly of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. It is formed from vegetation which has been consolidated between other rocks strata and altered by the combined effects of pressure and heat over millions of years.

Philippine coal deposits are mostly found in narrow inland belts in tectonically active island environment. They range in age from Ecocene to Plio-Pleistocene (10 to 40 Million years). In terms of coal rank, it is estimated that 42% are lignite to sub-bituminous, 55% sub-bituminous tobituminous, and 3% to semi-anthracite.


Liguan Coal
(produced by BatanCoal)
Imported Coal
Low CV
Imported Coal
High CV
As received basis
Total moisture: 10.2%Air dried basis
Inherent moisture: 5.43%
Ash: 18.05%
Volatile matter: 37.63%
Fixed carbon: 38.99%
Sulfur: 0.52%
Calorific Value: 5,659 kcal/kg
As received basis
Total moisture: 37.75%Air dried basis
Inherent moisture: 7.87%
Ash: 6.42%
Volatile matter: 46.66%
Fixed carbon: 39.04%
Sulfur: 0.77%
Calorific Value: 5,776 kcal/kg
As received basis
Total moisture: 8.25%Air dried basis
Inherent moisture: 3.07%
Ash: 12.15%
Volatile matter: 43.43%
Fixed carbon: 41.35%
Sulfur: 1.09%
Calorific Value: 6,759 kcal/kg


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