Silica Sand & Silica Quartz

silica 3

Silica sand is supplied to glass container manufacturing companies, foundry, metals, fluidized combustion bed boilers and other industrial users.

RockEnergy supplies local silica quartz material as major raw material for James Hardie, Philippines, a leading cement fiber (Hardiflex) manufacturing company. Another client, Philippine Associated Smelting & Refining Corporation (PASAR) also uses local silica quartz in their refining process.

Silica Sand Silica Quartz
SiO2     99.58%
Fe2O3    0.05%
Cr2O3    0.05%
Al2o3      0.27%
SiO2    98.08%
Fe2O3   0.08%
Al2o3     0.97%


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