Feldspar and Pozzolanic Material



Feldspar is a crystalline mineral consisting of aluminum, silica oxide, sodium and is used widely in the manufacturing of glass. Recently, the company innovates through the extraction of feldspar material from the volcanic ash of Mt. Pinatubo.

The pozzolanic material is being used as additive/extender in the production of pozzolan cement as well as primary road surface material in construction and reclamation area.

Feldspar Pozzolan Material
SiO2    64.00%
Fe2O3   0.19%
CaO       3.77%
Al2o3   22.41%
Na2O3  0.19%
SiO2     57.0%
Fe2O3    6.0%
Al2o3    18.0%
CaCO3   3.0%
MgO      1.4%
LOI        8.5%


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