SI Resources

The name Si  Resources Corporation is coined from ”Si”, the chemical symbol of Silica. Silica is the most abundant mineral in the earth’s crust. Every mineral on earth has it either in its purest form, 99.9% Si02, or displaced by other minerals like alumina, pyrite, calcium compounds, precious metals, etc.

Si Resources supplies glass grade silica sand to various glass manufacturing plants, metal casting, foundries, ceramic and chemical companies in the country. It handles the supply chain requirement of leading manufacturers requiring silica sand as raw materials for its manufacturing process. This raw material supply chain agreements is a strength appreciated by the company’s valued customers and over the past several years, the raw material supply contracts were extended to cover selenium and feldspar.

To support the logistics requirement of high-grade silica sand for the glass manufacturing and other industries, Si Resources operates a silica storage stock pile to enhance customers’ expectations of uninterrupted supply of silica materials. This silica storage guarantees the consistent and on-time delivery of silica sand materials to valued customers.

Silica Storage Facility

Location: PNOC EC Energy Supply Base
Brgy. Mainaga, Mabini, Batangas
Description: 6,850 sqm open area facility


Contact Person

Ms. Helen Veridiano
Tel. No. (632)527-6331